The entertainment industry is made up of many companies that produce and moderate the forms of entertainment that are manufactured and distributed to the masses. The entertainment industry is formed by a variety of sub-groups that create and uphold the groundwork for the entertainment industry at large.

These entertainment sub-industries are responsible for providing the general public with a variety of entertainment possibilities including live entertainment, musical entertainment, exhibition entertainment, mass media entertainment, and electronic entertainment.


Travel Services

Travel and tourism is the largest service industry globally in terms of gross revenue and foreign exchange earnings. It is also one of the largest employment generators in the world. It has been a major social phenomenon and is driven by social, religious, recreational, knowledge seeking and business interests and motivated by the human urge for new experience, adventure, education, and entertainment. Tourism is both cause and consequence of economic development. It has the potential to stimulate other sectors in the economy owing to cross-synergistic benefits and its backward and forward linkages.

The major services of travel industry are air travel services, corporate travel, cruise industry, general travel services, hotels and lodging, leisure travel, resorts, tourism, travel agents, travel services catering.