Everyone has wished that the law did not exist at one time or another once they have reached adulthood. It could have been in a very simple situation such as being pulled over for speeding in the car; it could have been something far worse. The instant reaction for a motorist who has been pulled over is to be frustrated, annoyed, and angry. However, on the grand scale, the law is incredibly important to modern society. Even people who have wished very badly that it did not exist will probably say, if pressed for an answer, that they are glad that there are laws and that they are enforced.
The law is important in the community. For any society that is looking for an opportunity to be peaceful and free of problems, the law is recommended. It is often designed by the society and therefore it is up to the members of the society to decide whether they will follow the laws or not. However, there are penalties for failing to obey it. It performs several functions that are important for the welfare of the society.

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