You will find here the detailed analysis of the complete apparel market which consists of apparels for different age groups, the apparel manufacturers in the industry, the different types of clothes offerings, the accessories complementing the clothes etc. It also includes the different buying decisions of buyers as well as suppliers, the worldwide export and import details, total trade volumes etc. Also we have some analysis reports for apparel like. Accessories report, baby product report, Footwear report, jewellery report, luggage report etc.


Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronic products are becoming popular as they offer some sophisticated features that are useful to us in our day to day lives. Some of the products not only entertain us but also make our work easier. Electronic products have bought a lot of comfort and convenience in our lives. The electronic products popular these days include television, digital camera and accessories, DVD recorders, computers and other household electronics. Consumer electronics has become such a major part of our lives that we cannot imagine life without these products. The technology is developing with a fast pace and this has resulted into rise of multitude of electronic products.


Consumer Services

Service given to the clients from the time of their first contact and even after the purchase is known as Consumer Service. It includes providing appropriate required information to the clients and helping them with all their queries. It has become one of the most important aspects of business nowadays and every business outlets have a Cunsumer Service desk. Organizations all over the globe want to get instant feedback about their products from the customers and this is where servicing of the client plays a major role. Consumer services may include technical support, warranty registration, problem notifications, account management, mediation with other vendors, or other service depending on the nature of the product purchased by the customer.


Cosmetics & Personal Care

This section includes complete details about the cosmetic and personal care segment which includes body care products, such as skincare, haircare, eye care etc. and also the personal care regimens such as beauty treatments, spa, gymnasium etc. It also includes report on their usage patterns, the demand and supply, what is the market reaction to a certain variety and all other things which are of value to you.


House & Home

The house and home industry is primarily concerned with consumer goods and services that pertain to the design, operation, and upkeep of a residence . Because the house and home industry involves so many different facets, there is constant competition between the sub-industries and the companies that produce and manufacture the variety of good in the specific industries.

Competition also exists between the different type of retail venues that advertise and sell goods and services pertaining to the house and home industry. Broad examples of sub-groups within the house and home industry may include: home security and safety, do-it-yourself, lawn and garden, housewares, household products, small appliances, and furniture, amongst others.

The major services offered in this industry are art, collectibles, fencing, furniture, giftware, home security and safety, etc.


Luxury Goods

A good is considered a luxury when a person must have a certain income or wealth level in order to feasibly purchase it. Additionally, items that see an increased demand based solely on increasing income are also economically considered luxury goods. In some cases, a luxury good or service, such as a country club membership, may not even be available to the general public, reserved instead for those with proven wealth.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is aimed to offer a feeling of heaven you in your office. The modern furniture is designed to provide you the most comfort that anyone could ever expect. The furniture is typically designed as per the space, budget, fittings, and various other factors involved. Office furniture is the most key component of a company's interior design as the executive office is usually the central part of a company's operations.

Office Supplies

The term "office supplies" is a generic term that encompasses all products that are used in the office by businesses and other types of organizations. These products include paperclips, staples, pens and pencils, and paper. Larger, more expensive products, such as computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and cash registers, are also included in the classification of "office supplies." Also included are office furniture, such as cubicles and desks.

Office supplies are the single largest, as well as the most important expense in most businesses. This is the reason why the office supply industry is a $225 billion industry and is still growing. The revenue of some of the largest retail distributors of office supplies can exceed $13 billion a year.

Today most office supply companies have also expanded into providing services related to the business, such as acting as copy centers, and creating products such as business cards and personalized business stationary. These services are also adding to the overall value of this industry.

Typically, anything used in an office is considered an "office supply." Although not widely recognized, cleaning supplies used in the office can also be classified as an office supply. Products used to clean the computers, the floors, and even the restrooms can also be called an office supply.

Pet Services & Supplies

Pet care today is taken as seriously as child care. People care for their pets as much as they care about anything else. There are many personalized services that have come up specially made for the requirement of domestic pets. The major pet services offered include pet care services, pet grooming products, pet insurance, pet food, pet supplements etc.



The word "Retail" originates from a French-Italian word "retailler" meaning someone who cuts off or shreds a small piece from something. Retailing includes activities of marketing and selling products or services to end consumers for their own household or personal use. Retailer is a Person or Agent or Company or Organization who is instrumental in reaching the Goods or Merchandise or Services to the End User or Ultimate Consumer.

There are two types of Retailing

  • Organized Retaling
  • Unorganized Retaling
Organised reatailingOrganized retailing comprises mainly of modern retailing with busy shopping malls, multi storied malls and huge complexes that offer a large variety of products in terms of quality, value for money and makes shopping a memorable experience.
Unorganized RetailingTraditional or Unorganized retail outlets are normally street markets, counter stores, kiosks and vendors, where the ownership and management rest with one person only. This sector accounts for two thirds of the market and requires low skilled labor. These are highly competitive outlets, with negligible rental costs (unregistered kiosks or traditional property), cheap workers (work is shared by members of family) and low taxes and overheads.


Sporting Goods

If you have been involved in athletics, or have raised children who are, you have likely to know the need to find good sources for sports equipment. From uniforms, to shoes, to supplies, the list of things that you need to successfully compete in a sports venue never seems to end. This equipment isn't always affordable, especially if you are purchasing numerous items on a regular basis. Add another member of the family who is also active in sports and you can quickly find your budget protesting. The good news is that you can find sporting goods, if you know where to look. You can purchase your sporting goods by online or by local source.

  • Online Source There are dozens, if not hundreds, of online sources for sports equipment. Most national sports stores have an online presence. You can likely order your supplies and have them delivered right to your door.
  • Shop Local With sporting goods, there are just times that you either want to see what you are buying in person, or you can't wait for something to ship. In this instance, you will probably be looking at local storefronts that sell sports supplies. If you become familiar with the inventory of a particular store, you should be able to get a good idea of how well they can meet your needs. Again, compare the prices with other sources. If you can wait, it may be cheaper to pay a little shipping to secure wholesale prices on the Internet.


Tobacco Products

Like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco (snuff and chewing tobacco), cause mouth cancer, gum disease, and heart disease. Yet many think that chewing tobacco is harmless or less so than smoking. This is not true! In 1986, the Surgeon General concluded that the use of smokeless tobacco "is not a safe substitute for smoking cigarettes. It can cause cancer and a number of noncancerous conditions and can lead to nicotine addiction and dependence." Since 1991, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has officially recommended that the public avoid and discontinue the use of all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco. NCI also recognizes that nitrosamines, found in tobacco products, are not safe at any level.

Toys & Games

Toys and games that have been in our lives since long has evolved a great deal in recent years. Today, they are no longer used as playthings; they have become learning tools for the overall development of the child. In-fact, you can enhance mathematical skills, memory power, and problem-solving ability by choosing the right toys. Toys and games must be picked with an eye on age of the child. There are various toys available today that makes the most of a child's learning potential. As a child grows, it needs a different set of challenges and so toys must be chosen with the child's abilities in mind. Among these some toys for toddlers assists the child in hand to eye co-ordination and overall development e.g. building blocks, puzzles etc.